Media Places 2010
Umeå University
Media Places Conference

From the Gardens of Versailles to Spatial Robots

Welcome to the Media Places Conference at Umeå University, December 9-11, 2010.

Media Places explores the intersection of media, technology and place through bringing together cultural historians, architects, screen researchers, art and creative directors from digital media production industry, visualization experts, design researchers, sociologists, gender researchers, and game industry representatives.

A basic premise is that the social, cultural and spatial are deeply embedded, and that space is constantly structured and produced by those of who occupy it. The conference will take place in HUMlab at Umeå University, itself a media place, and draw on the new Umeå Arts Campus (including the new School of Architecture) as well as well as the expanding digital creative industry in the area.


The conference is organized by HUMlab, Umeå University, in collaboration with several partners. The conference is part of the project Digital Humanities as Paradigm, Practice and Projection (DH3P, supported by Umeå University’s Young Researcher Award for Patrik Svensson) and HUMlab’s efforts towards the new Umeå Arts Campus and HUMlab-X. The conference has also been sponsored by the DARE Project (Development Arena for Research and Entrepreneurship) and the DINO project (Digitala Idéplatser Norr). Valued partners include the Umeå Creative Industry Association, Film I Västerbotten, Interactive institute Umeå and UMIT Research Lab.

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